Sírí has always loved to paint and draw. Her painting style is very intuitive, and most of the times, she doesn’t know what she has been painting until it is finished.
Siri loves colours, floating forms, and to paint the energy in words. To her, the spectator is the most important part of the painting. The person who looks at an image creates the motive in the now.

Inspiration exists in a divine stream, which Siri only can describe as coming through her, and not from her. She is a channel for artistic expression. This is her purpose and gift to the world.
As she loves illustrating, and loves words, it is natural her gift attracts commissions from poets, bloggers and authors from all around the globe.  

Sírí is also a meditation teacher at Insight Timer, where she guides you gently back to your innate happiness through her messages, accompanied by ambient music. The illustrations for each meditation is for sale.


Sírí is the illustrator of Just for Today, by Tom Evans.


PS Just for today is ONLY AVAILABLE on Patreon from this July 1st , which then will be the only way to access the nuggets of wisdom from the magician Tom Evans , illustrated by Siri. We would very much like you to become our patron to support our art work, which sends love, peace, serenity and wisdom to the world. For the price less than a cup of coffee a month, you can join at which level you want from the tiers we have got. Welcome all!



Just for Day, by Tom Evans illustrations by Sírí


Sírí has also illustrated several books, and is an  author herself. So far two of her books  are published. This spring she launched an online course in drawing – DRAWING IT OUT- which will be available as a PDF at a later point.

From top : Pupp pupp til mamma 2011 …sa brura 2016 Just for today 2017 (illustrations) Twisted games 2016 (illustrations)


Sírí  illustrates and designs book covers, colour books, card decks , poems, books, songs, podcasts and more, globally.

Colouring yor dreams come true, by Junie Swadron (author ) and Siri Stiklestad Opli (illustrations)


Book cover design for Siobhán Mullan: Bethany and the unicorns.

Book cover design for Siobhán Mullan´s book Bethany and the unicorns, 2017
Illustrations for the card deck Wisdom within by Wendy Prior

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