Sírí has always loved to paint and draw. Her painting style is very intuitive, and most of the times, she doesn’t know what she has been painting until it is finished.
Siri loves colours, floating forms, and to paint the energy in words. To her, the spectator is the most important part of the painting. The person who looks at an image creates the motive in the now. Inspiration exists in a divine stream, which Siri only can describe as coming through her, and not from her. She is a channel for artistic expression. This is her purpose and gift to the world.
As she loves illustrating, and loves words, it is natural her gift attracts commissions from poets, bloggers and authors from all around the globe. 

Are you an author, poet, blogger?

Artwork on book cover for author Siobhán Mullan, Ireland: Bethany and the Unicorns.
Artwork for a deck of cards by Wendy Prior, Dubai.
Meditasjon/Meditation. Poem by Gjertrud A Jensen, Fauske, Norway. Illustration by Sírí.


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